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Each course earns you units and credits that can be used to move onto the next stage if you desire. You simply keep gathering units like ‘smaller pieces of a cake’.

Our interactive online mentor system allows you to learn around your family commitments, with full support from your personal tutor whenever you need it.

We support and empathise with your dilemmas and encourage you to focus and stick to the course by constant two-way communication.

Schools need their staff to be qualified from Level 2 – Level 3. This also includes administrative staff and mid-day supervisors, who then have a choice to continue their career to become a teaching assistant. This career pathway usually begins with the Level 2 Award course. It opens so many doors into supporting children, young people and their families.

Many of our existing students have then continued their development into teacher training, early years, child psychology and dealing with emotional and challenging behavior issues.

The courses are split into two categories:

  • NCFE CACHE Level Awards & Certificates – designed for Individual Learners.
  • Bespoke Training Courses – designed for Organisations, Charities, Schools and Communities.
courses Designed for Individual Learners

NCFE CACHE Level Awards & Certificates

specialized Designed for Organisations, Charities, Schools and Communities

Bespoke Training Courses

Learner2Mentor not only helps individuals - we also work with Organisations, Charities, Schools and Communities to provide bespoke training for the needs of your residents, staff and community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is background knowledge and work placement necessary in NCFE CACHE courses?

You do not need to be working or volunteering in a school or childcare environment for the NCFE CACHE AWARD courses as they are knowledge only qualifications. However, we do strongly recommend you to find work placement as a volunteer if you are planning to gain employment. We will recommend to organisations preparing their learners to gain employment that work placement be incorporated in their plans. This will build the learners confidence in the working environment, sustain their post and create successful careers in the future.

What’s the difference between the two Level 2 and Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning courses?

The NCFE CACHE Level 2 and 3 CERTIFICATES “original” course has been extended until 2020 to run with the Level 2 and 3 CERTIFICATE “new” courses. This will mean the learner has a choice of two qualifications in each level, which will allow them to gain employment and create career pathways. The new version has been reviewed and updated to address new agendas to identify: employability skills, radicalisation, a wider context to child abuse, health and safety including e-safety, digital mobile devices and understanding mental health and well being. You will notice that the NCFE CACHE tutor guided learning hours have increased in the “new” version due to requiring additional tutor observations in your learning or childcare environment. This will mean the tutor will have more opportunities to assess your competency on a regular basis through observations and one to one meetings with you. The NCFE CACHE “new” version also includes “schools and colleges” offering the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in supporting adult learners.

I have looked through your website and I am very excited to start. What happens next?

Please complete the ‘Get in Touch” form available on the website or contact us direct by telephone or email. This will allow us get to know you by discussing your aspirations, career pathways and ask you what you expect from a Learner2mentor tutor. We will offer initial advice and guidance as to what course best suits your goals and experiences as well as taking into consideration your day-to-day commitments. Initially, we will begin the course at a gentle pace, allowing you can get to know your tutor’s teaching styles and for your tutor to know what learning techniques suits you best. You can start at any time of the year if you are planning to study online as an individual learner. If you are involved in a group, there will be a set day and time planned to suit both tutor and learners.


Choose your course, take our hand and achieve your goals – one step at a time.