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learn Helping you achieve the qualifications you need for a career in education

What We Do

Learner2Mentor provides online NCFE CACHE accredited courses and tutoring for adults to gain careers and qualifications in child education, learning support and care. We also offer classroom courses delivering skills and training to groups of adults

One step at a time

An encouraging system that guides you through NCFE CACHE accredited courses to help you gain employment in the education sector.

No stress

Qualifications are broken down into manageable chunks so that your learning journey progresses at a realistic pace and becomes achievable.

Ease into your life

Our online learning programmes are flexible to fit around your lifestyle, build your confidence and spur you on every step of the way.

Highly personal

A personal tutor will keep in touch with you by phone, text and email - supporting your learning and keeping you encouraged and positive.

Sharing & Support

Our social networks contain a whole community of learners sharing their progression and offering study support and a WhatsApp group.

Staying focused

The challenges in daily life conspire to distract us all. Our online system will keep you inspired and on track to a successful new career.

process Anyone can do it

How It Works?

Each course earns you units and credits that can be used to move onto the next stage, if you desire. You simply keep gathering units like ‘smaller pieces of a cake’. Each step earns you a ‘NCFE CACHE Certificate’, which is a valuable qualification in its own right. How high you climb is up to you!


Discuss your ideas with us and formulate the best learning path.

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With our help, sign up and enrol onto your first course.

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Progress to more advanced courses one step at a time.


Realise your ambition - a new career is just around the corner!

career Your pace

A World of Opportunity

Learner2Mentor allows you to build the qualifications you need at your own pace until you reach the level you require.

Become a teaching assistant

Progress to a higher level teaching assistant

Develop to a learning mentor

Advance to an early years practitioner

Prepare for teacher training

Mentor health and nutrition

Become part of the school team

Achieve Ease your transition into teaching

Become a Cover Supervisor

It is a worthwhile career pathway to gain experience in the classroom and for those planning to progress to become a teacher. This role can allow you to:

To achieve a higher level teaching assistant role

Develop teaching skills to target groups and classes

Plan prepare and implement lessons

Manage classroom and promote positive behaviour

Ensure the pupil remains on the task set

Discuss and debate text and answering questions

Differentiate and allocate extension exercises

Achieve Building strong foundations

Become an Early Years Practitioner

Succeed with the Learner2mentor’s services and specialise into early years foundation in schools, nurseries or any childcare environment by:

Observing, assessing and planning learning goals

Monitoring continued personal developmental

Managing the learning environment and resources

Building relationships with parents and carers

Managing your team in the learning environment

Working alongside outside agencies

Achieve A classroom support role

Become a Teaching Assistant

This rewarding career can be achieved through Learner2mentor’s NCFE CACHE Qualifications. This role has a wide variety of responsibilities such as:

Reinforcing lessons

Working with target groups with set tasks

Supporting individual special educational needs

Monitoring the progress and achievements

Managing and promoting positive behaviour

Preparing resources for class activity

Achieve Fulfil your dream

Prepare for teacher training

Learner2mentor will provide the springboard into teacher training by covering theory with a practice learning experience starting with:

Achieving a NCFE CACHE qualification

Gaining school work experience

Supporting teacher in the school

Experiencing different teaching styles

Understanding how to differentiate

Learning how a school is managed

Setting assessments for learning

Achieve Provide specialist support

Become a Learning Mentor

Learner2mentor develop your skills into mentoring children with emotional social behaviour and learning difficulties through variety of responsibilities such as:

Counselling a pupil through transitions

Breaking down the barriers to learning.

Working with individuals or nurture groups

Working alongside parents and carers

Supporting the health and well being of each pupil

Working alongside outside agencies

Achieve Many roles to choose from

Other Work In Schools

The school team supports the well-being, health, safety, care and education of the pupils. Learner2mentor can provide a school support qualification to:

Premises Officer

Mid Day Supervisor

Breakfast and After School staff

Secretary and Administrative Staff

School Crossing Patrol Officer

Reading Support Worker

School Volunteers and new employees

Achieve Promoting good eating habits

A Career In Nutrition & Health

Learner2mentor can create foundations into a health and nutrition career introducing healthy choices to nurseries, schools, colleges, care homes and the community by:

Supporting all ages and abilities

Working alongside social care members

Teaching how to shop wisely

Understanding nutrition labels

Developing skills in economical cooking

Introducing exercise

Setting goals in personal training

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Our interactive online mentor system allows you to learn around your family commitments, with full support from your personal tutor whenever you need it.
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Take the Next Step

We know how hard it can be to find the confidence, time and focus to gain new qualifications.

Learner2Mentor was born out of a passion to help others achieve their goals and ambitions – in the same way we were helped. If you have not studied since your school days or you want to refresh your knowledge, the suite of courses we offer will help you build your confidence, allowing you to work at your own pace. Learners not only achieve an accredited course but also the strength to offer skills to their community, from nursery, playgroups and schools to breakfast and after-school clubs, hospitality and social work.

Choose your course, take our hand and achieve your goals – one step at a time.